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Trying to get started

11/16/12 by ColonelMagus
Updated 11/16/12

I've been looking around at the forums and everything for a few days now, I've found some interesting jobs, but I'm still looking for more. So let me know if you're in need to a voice actor.

I'm currently starting out as the voice of Nathan, a main character in a new animation series by ReklessCreati0n that is in production.

Here's a picture of the character I'm voicing.

Trying to get started


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Looks like it'll be good! Love the look of the character.
I recommend checking out the VAC and VAA if you haven't found enough voice acting opportunities in the forums or artist's news here on NGs. Good luck!

11/18/12 ColonelMagus responds:

Thank you! Yeah, I've been in the "Voice Actor Advert" and "Voice Actor Wanted" thread. That's where I found most of my work.

I mean if you're starting out as a voice actor or pretty much anything, you have to seek out the jobs, not the other way around, cause nobody knows who you are.

As soon as I make a name for myself, hopefully there will be people who specifically want my voice in their project.

Thank you for your feedback! It gets lonely on a nearly deserted profile xD