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New Account! ♥

2014-10-05 06:34:26 by ColonelMagus


You probably don't know who I am, but I got a new account on here! Yeah, not that exciting... why are you even reading this?... Anyway, I made a new account called MagusSenpai:

I thought I may as well just make a new account on Newgrounds as well, seeing as I made new accounts on YouTube, Twitter and whatnot.

You're thinking "Why do you need a new account?", right? Well, I would usually go by SirMagus for a long time online, but I'm not alone in that, apparently, so in certain places where I wanted to register, the name was already taken, so I had to figure out something else to use. ColonelMagus came to mind, but now, later on, I thought to myself "Colonel" may be a cool sounding word, but it's kind of a confusing word. Additionally, I'm a pacifist, so... yeah...

I came up with MagusSenpai, to sort of keep the "Magus" identity that I've kept with me. But also adding Senpai, which is Japanese and is commonly used in anime, hentai and on the internet. I thought it was funny, and I also love anime, so I felt it was fitting enough. I like to laugh and joke around, so why not choose a name that can provoke jokes and laughter?

Also, I do Let's Plays on my YouTube channel:


Ermagerd! Finally Something New!

2014-08-21 18:58:26 by ColonelMagus

I haven't released anything for a while, but just recently I REALLY felt like recording a song. So I ended up making an a cappella version of the song "Dead", by Korn. It's just so short and sweet! They perform it so well and there's just something about the atmosphere in it that makes me love it so much!

In other news, I've got a new computer, so I'll be able to make new Let's Plays without lagging the fuck out! I've also ordered an Oculus Rift, so I'll do some recording with that too when I get it. A new webcam should also be here within the next few days! So I'll be doing some face-cam recording too. Looking forward to try out so many cool things with that Oculus. Like Skyrim in 3D... jeez, it's gonna be so amazing, I'm probably gonna jizz myself to death.

That's just about it for this update. Looking forward to making new and better let's plays! Be there!



Halloween on ★MagusCraft★

2013-10-31 22:20:15 by ColonelMagus

It's Halloween, and we're entering a new month.

Be ready to vote for our server, cause the top 3 voters of the month will win coupon codes to use in our server shop, to get ranks for free! October's winners have already been drawn and gotten their prizes!

This month's winners:
#1 - jezisawesome - $40 coupon
#2 - 077as1 - $20 coupon
#3 - pontanan - $10 coupon

Don't forget to VOTE for our server, for the chance to win a coupon you can use to get free things off our web shop!

The Mall
I've been working on a design for a player mall. This mall will have many shops in it that donor ranks Draugr ($20) or higher can start shops in. All players can sell and buy from the shops the donors make.

The mall will be available to the public very soon!


Halloween on ★MagusCraft★

★MagusCraft★ is up!

2013-10-11 07:48:36 by ColonelMagus


The minecraft server I've been working on for some time, on and off, is finally up and running!
I got to it and finished up the most important things on it with the help of some motivational friends!
If you're a Minecrafter, stop by, either it's just for a "hello" or if you're looking for a place to play.

The server is a Survival Economy server and has other features such as Pvp, Towny, Lottery, Donation System, Free Ranks, Boss Mobs and more!


Here are some screenshots of the spawn. It's based off the elements.

Arcane Temple (Spawn island. Rules, tutorials, jail and information)
Air Temple (Wilderness spawns and towns)
Water Temple (Event areas and minigames)
Fire Temple (PVP maps)
Earth Temple (Shops and player malls)

★MagusCraft★ is up!

Where I've Been!

2013-06-14 20:51:59 by ColonelMagus

I haven't been posting much here, which is mostly cause I've been working and gaming.
I've been playing a lot of Minecraft and then a lot of Diablo 2 (again).

I've posted a bunch of Let's Play videos on my YouTube channel since last time you saw me!
Take a look:

The Monday Collab!

2013-03-19 18:47:52 by ColonelMagus

The monday collab is finally published after lots of waiting.

Take a look at it here:

I voiced Mike and Snoop in the animation at 3:50

I made a new background picture for my YouTube channel and Twitter page.
Let me know what you think.


2013-02-17 21:44:12 by ColonelMagus

Okay, so these aren't that good, but listen anyway.
They're quite.... interesting.

Ambiguous Drum's Grief

Rack City Sucks


The Legend of Zelda! MUST WATCH!!!

2013-02-13 07:24:38 by ColonelMagus

I just started a new Let's Play series for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
I'm trying to be funny in it, so let me know how I did.
Funny or Fail?

I also appreciate when people like, subscribe or share my videos!
Especially when they do all of the above!

Alarm Clock Sound Download

2013-02-11 10:54:14 by ColonelMagus

I just recorded this for someone, just as a fun thing.
So if you want it as well, just grab it from here

This should help you get up from bed in the mornings.