ColonelMagus on YouTube and Facebook!

2013-01-14 12:34:21 by ColonelMagus

While I'm waiting for projects to be done and stuff, I'm doing "Let's Plays".
You can check those out on YouTube, with the link riiiight under here!

Currently while posting this, I'm playing Pokemon Black, yes, the first version.
I haven't played it before, so this will be interesting.
You'll probably see some more games in the future as well!
There will be lulz and some crazy voices and comments in these videos.

Oh, and if you wanna keep up with what I do, you can check my shit out with the links provided in the lower left of my profile page here on Newgrounds.

Here's a link to my new Facebook page so that you can keep up with shit, ya know? 35236468058
Not that I'm that interesting, but just in case you should have the same lame humor and taste as I do.

The first episode of my Let's Play, for your viewing pleasure.
NOTE! The first episode is sort of slow cause of all the guide shit that you gotta do in the beginning of every Pokemon game, but it picks up.


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