Suggest Skyrim Quest!

2013-01-20 03:12:44 by ColonelMagus

So I'm playing through Skyrim in my videos, and I want to know what direction you guys want me to go in.
I'll give some options and we'll see how it goes!

Make a comment in the comment section here and type in either the Number or Name of the direction you want me to take.

1. Main Quest
2. Mage's College
3. Thieves' Guild
4. Dark Brotherhood
5. Companions
6. Dawnguard (Vampire or Vampire Hunter)

You can find my YouTube channel here:

Suggest Skyrim Quest!


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2013-01-20 04:42:51

I'll tell you which places and why!

I always do the Mage's Guild first no matter what character type I decide to use simply because I like getting the college as a storage facility due to the re-spawning of awesome soul gems and critical alchemy ingredients.

Then I do the brotherhood to get Shadowmere.

I then do a different array of Deadric quests for various weapons. I'm sure you know exactly which ones. Then I do the Thieves' Guild [complete]. I usually join them pretty early though so I have access to the fencer and all the lock picks I could possibly handle [I also clear out the chests in the back really early in the game].

Throughout this process I usually advance in story just so I get through a lot of early stuff before getting too high of level [although it has significantly less of an impact in Skyrim as the other Elder Scrolls games]. I'll leave that to your discretion.

I've only completed Companions one time and haven't since because I was so disappointed with the werewolf that I just hated the group all together. In-fact, I wish there was a way to turn them all into werewolfs so I could attack them all at once as werewolves just to kill a large group of werewolves... cause they suck... screw werewolves in skyrim... hard.

I'll leave the rest up to you and others.

ColonelMagus responds:

Awesome! Very well defined answer.
Yeah, I did have in mind to do the College early on.

Thanks for your suggestion!


2013-01-20 15:55:39

Hey, not a problem! I love the game and can rant for hours about it. Let me know how it goes or at least when you have the videos up because I love watching Skyrim videos. I'll add you.

ColonelMagus responds:

Cool! I usually upload episodes every day.