I Have Awesome Followers!

2013-01-21 16:54:43 by ColonelMagus

I've noticed I have 23 followers now!
You guys are awesome!

I keep uploading several videos a day to my YouTube Channel
so check it out!

I've also said that I might start animating, but I just haven't felt that inspired to do any animating.
But I'm sure the inspiration will show up sooner or later, lol


I Have Awesome Followers!


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2013-01-21 18:29:03

Pick up that tablet pen a/o mouse and get inspired!

(Updated ) ColonelMagus responds:

Yeah, I wish it was that simple.
In my position anyway, it feels like I want a vision before I do anything, so that I know what I'm aiming for instead of just swinging around in the dark.
Thanks for the support!


2013-01-21 18:36:17

Drugs help.

(Updated ) ColonelMagus responds:

I don't do drugs, but if I did, I'd do them.
I think George Carlin said in an interview that he had done Acid once and it sort of opened his mind and stuff like that, but nah, I'm already crazy as I am.
Thanks for the... advice... lol


2013-01-21 18:43:58

Legend Of Zelda, IDK, Mario Star, Minecraft, Pokemon, Sonic The Hedgehog. Huh. Maybe listen to some of my music I have made? Maybe it will give you inspiration. Nothing gives inspiration like music, even it it is inferior in quality.

(Updated ) ColonelMagus responds:

Thanks for the support!
I'm sure it'll hit me sometime and I'll be like "I've GOT IT!"


2013-01-23 12:15:36

Yay I'm awesome :3