Might Buy A New Tablet!

2013-01-27 13:12:03 by ColonelMagus

Woot woot!
I'm not sure if I'm gonna do it or not, since I don't really draw that much, but it could help me as I'm interested in digital design and such. So I'm thinking of buying a Yiynova msp19u, but it's kind of expensive, and I don't know how much I'd be using it.

It costs more in Europe because of we have a more healthy economy than the US. In America it goes for about $500, but in Europe it goes for about $900. But it's definitely a much better deal than the Wacom Cintiq, so I'm thinking about it.

Any thoughts?

Might Buy A New Tablet!


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2013-01-27 13:30:37

If you're going to utilise it well, go ahead. Do some research first. Compare them both, see what this one can do, read reviews, watch videos, maybe ask at a forum for these things.

(Updated ) ColonelMagus responds:

The Cintiq isn't an option, it will cost from about $2000 and up in Europe.
To buy or not to buy the Yiynova, that is the question... *thinking pose*


2013-01-27 15:23:52

Very Cool, wanna be my friend?

ColonelMagus responds:

Sure, I'll be friends with whoever wants to be my friend.