Need more views!

2013-02-10 01:38:05 by ColonelMagus

I've almost got 1,000 total video views on YouTube now, which sounds cool,
but isn't that much considering I've uploaded 85 videos at the moment, lol

Still a little exciting. Gotta get past a couple obstacles, then maybe more people will see.
Support me and help me out by checking out my channel!

Subscribe if you think I deserve it or make content good enough, lol

Need more views!


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2013-02-10 05:15:39

I have only uploaded 7 vids for my gaming channel and I only have 200 video views, so I know how it feels :(

ColonelMagus responds:

Well, multiply that with 5 and you have 25 videos with 1,000 views.
While I on the other hand have 3 times more videos than that and have 1,000 views.
So I have about 30% view/video rate compared to you, lol


2013-02-10 09:01:21

You already made it. ;)

ColonelMagus responds:

Indeed I did! Now we aim for 2 BILLION!
Nah, but I'm looking forward to the next thousand views.


2013-02-10 09:24:05

I'M ONLY ONE WOMAN!! But I can recommend your channel to my friends. <3

ColonelMagus responds:

You may only be one person, but one person can make a big difference!
Also, not long after I made this blog post, I shot up over 1k.
Awesome! Thank you!


2013-02-10 11:11:07

My only suggestion is just to keep posting, the more you do the more people will see you and like you. So keep posting and don't stop :)

ColonelMagus responds:

Yeah, I'm planning a bunch of games actually.
Oh, and I accidentally saved over the Skyrim save I had in my videos this weekend.
I was at a LAN party and I didn't realize I had only saved it with Quick save.