The Legend of Zelda! MUST WATCH!!!

2013-02-13 07:24:38 by ColonelMagus

I just started a new Let's Play series for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
I'm trying to be funny in it, so let me know how I did.
Funny or Fail?

I also appreciate when people like, subscribe or share my videos!
Especially when they do all of the above!


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2013-02-16 05:13:00

I got a tip from a Youtube gamer and that is: if yo9u aren't generally a funny person, don't try to make your let's plays funny, because the chances are you won't be and people will hate you for it.
I haven't really seen it yet so I can't tell if it was funny or not, just a little tip though.

ColonelMagus responds:

Well even though I hope I'm funny, it's also a technique.
Telling people that you're not that funny, makes them lower their expectations for you.
If you then happen to be funny, they'll most likely laugh more than they would have.
At least seem more funny than you are.

You should check out my videos and let me know. I recommend episode 3 in the Ocarina of Time series, just because of the dub scenes in the second half. I feel that's a funny part.

Thanks for the tip though.


2013-02-17 15:00:08

Awesome! Love your work :3333

ColonelMagus responds:

Thank you! I'm glad to see that people appreciate my stuff, lol