★MagusCraft★ is up!

2013-10-11 07:48:36 by ColonelMagus


The minecraft server I've been working on for some time, on and off, is finally up and running!
I got to it and finished up the most important things on it with the help of some motivational friends!
If you're a Minecrafter, stop by, either it's just for a "hello" or if you're looking for a place to play.

The server is a Survival Economy server and has other features such as Pvp, Towny, Lottery, Donation System, Free Ranks, Boss Mobs and more!

Website: www.MagusCraft.com
IP: play.MagusCraft.com

Here are some screenshots of the spawn. It's based off the elements.

Arcane Temple (Spawn island. Rules, tutorials, jail and information)
Air Temple (Wilderness spawns and towns)
Water Temple (Event areas and minigames)
Fire Temple (PVP maps)
Earth Temple (Shops and player malls)

★MagusCraft★ is up!


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