Halloween on ★MagusCraft★

2013-10-31 22:20:15 by ColonelMagus

It's Halloween, and we're entering a new month.

Be ready to vote for our server, cause the top 3 voters of the month will win coupon codes to use in our server shop, to get ranks for free! October's winners have already been drawn and gotten their prizes!

This month's winners:
#1 - jezisawesome - $40 coupon
#2 - 077as1 - $20 coupon
#3 - pontanan - $10 coupon

Don't forget to VOTE for our server, for the chance to win a coupon you can use to get free things off our web shop!

The Mall
I've been working on a design for a player mall. This mall will have many shops in it that donor ranks Draugr ($20) or higher can start shops in. All players can sell and buy from the shops the donors make.

The mall will be available to the public very soon!

Website: www.MagusCraft.com
IP: play.MagusCraft.com

Halloween on ★MagusCraft★


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2013-11-02 06:25:11

Happy Halloween!